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Loloma Lodge Intimate Lifestyle Session

Couple cuddled together on the floor of Loloma Lodge by the Mackenzie River in Oregon


​Add this session on to a wedding/elopement collection as your engagement session, or schedule for the day-after your celebration to capture all the newly-married feels.

An Intimate Lifestyle Session typically occurs indoors, either at your home or a rented space (Airbnb's are amazing). But they can also take place in an RV, campground, hot springs, etc. We design your session around the quieter life moments you enjoy together.

Here are a few of my ideas (and I can't wait to hear yours!):

Baking/cooking in the kitchen (cookies, waffles, banana bread, spaghetti...)

Morning coffee and snuggles (kitchen/bedroom, coffee, books)

Late night Netflix and Chill (couch, popcorn, blankets)

RV Life (bed snuggles, hammock, on the road)


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