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Alicia's Favorite Things

London Fog Lattes - Lemon Butter Scallops - Theatre - Rompers - Rollerblading - Pinot Noir - Thunderstorms - Puerto Vallarta -

Agate Hunting - Harmonizing - Rollercoasters - Spicy Tuna Rolls -

Long Baths - Dancing - Lore Podcast - The Feeling of Airplanes at Takeoff

Hey, I'm Alicia (Alesha)

I'm a photographer in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest, specializing in capturing weddings and elopements in a "true to life" style. Which to me, means creating images that accurately represent how the moment looked AND how it felt. 

Photography is much more than my job, I feel like I'm glowing when I'm interacting and creating with others.  Capturing your smiles, hugs, tears, and smoldering gazes is fulfilling to my very core.

Camera aside, my time is spent creating in the kitchen, exploring waterfalls, performing, and enjoying life with my family.

Want to know more? Keep scrolling and I'll fill you in!

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Want to know more?

Family - My husband, Micah, and I got married in 2011. We would talk for hours as friends and once we began dating those hours basically turned into days. He is the smartest person I know and always has a new topic to share input on. After 12 years of being around each other all the time, I just want to be around him more. We also share our lives with two little girls, Alexa (10) and Kaylyn (6). They are energetic bundles of craziness that beat me at video games, fill the house with giggles, and leave peanut butter in the most random places. The four of us enjoy hunting for agates, playing hide and seek, gardening in the backyard, and playing Mariokart! 
Foodie - I regularly have friends fill our home while darting around my kitchen with pans on the stove, something in the oven, mixer going, and cutting boards laid everywhere. I adore the depth of conversation it sparks, and if food is a love language, I have it. I'm obsessed with exploring new recipes and finding ways to share what I've learned. 
If you're a fellow foodie, you might appreciate the colorful craziness of my Pinterest boards. Expect some version of organized chaos.
Outdoors Fanatic - I've basically been raised outdoors having lived half my life in Colorado and the other half in Bend, Oregon. There is magic to be found in rushing water, winding trails, puffy clouds, and towering mountains. On warm days I hike mountains, swim in lakes, sit around campfires, and risk my life rollerblading. In the winter months, I glide on ice, build snow forts, and soak in every outdoor hot tub I can find (that counts as an outdoor activity, right?). 

Performer - Performance art is another way I enjoy telling stories. I began ballet lessons at a young age, after attending The Nutcracker at 3 years old and refusing to peel my eyes from the stage. My passion eventually expanded to 6 dance forms, piano, vocals, and theatre. I had the honor of performing in 6 counties and 48 states during my teens, studied music theory and composition in college, and have participated in the local theatre community for years. So don't be surprised when your photographer suddenly does a pirouette camera-in-hand or begins harmonizing with your reception playlist. It's just what I do. 

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