Alicia's Favorite Things

Half sweet decaf lattes - musical theatre - lemon butter scallops - rompers - warm blankets - Crime Dramas - pinot Noir - thunderstorms - karaoke - Roller coasters - Puerto vallarta - spicy tuna rolls - baths - Dancing

Hi, I'm Alicia (A-Leesh-A)

I'm a wedding, elopement, and portrait photographer based out of Central Oregon. My nose scrunches when I laugh, I'm constantly singing, and at the end of the day, you'll find me reading in the bath with a glass of wine. 

My extroverted nature (ENFJ/Enneagram 3) is happiest when I'm around people and pouring into relationships. So photographing the giggles, tears, hugs, and smoldering gazes of my clients brings me unending joy. 

Do you feel awkward in front of the camera? Me too! I totally get how intimidating it can be but also how wonderfully fun it is as well! So I am here to help make your photography experience low-stress and true to you. Want posing guidance? You got it. Want to dance on a mountain? Bring it. Want to snuggle close and just breathe? I'm there. All of the above?! YES! Whatever your personality and relationships call for, that's what we will focus on. 

When I'm not holding a camera, my time is spent performing, creating in the kitchen, exploring outdoors, and being with my family. Click here for more info on all of those things

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Want to know more?

Family - My husband, Micah, and I got married in 2011 after being friends for a year and dating for a year after. We would talk for hours as friends and once we began dating those hours basically turned into days. He is the smartest person I know and always has a new topic to share his input on. After 9 years of being around each other all the time, I just want to be around him more. We also share our lives with two little girls, Alexa (8) and Kaylyn (4). They are energetic bundles of craziness that spread dress-up clothes up the stairs, fill the house with giggles, and leave peanut butter in the most random places. The four of us enjoy making pancakes (normally pink with sprinkles), playing at the park, gardening in the backyard, and playing Mariokart! 


Foodie - I enjoy regularly having friends fill our home while frantically darting around my kitchen with 3 pans on the stove, something in the oven, mixer going, cutting boards laid everywhere, and calling for my husband to wash the knives again. If food is a love language, I have it. I'm obsessed with exploring the world of food and then finding ways to share what I've learned. It brings happiness, community, and the positive effects of a full stomach.

If you're a fellow foodie, you might appreciate the colorful craziness of my Pinterest boards. Expect some version of organized chaos.


Outdoors Fanatic - I've lived half my life in Colorado and the other half in Bend, Oregon. So I've basically been raised outdoors. Even though cold weather and I aren't exactly friends, I still find myself exploring some new trail or overlook despite the temperature. On warm days I hike mountains, swim in lakes, sit around campfires, and risk my life rollerblading. On cold days I ice skate, build snow forts, sit in every outdoor hot tub I can find, and still take walks (just not as long ones). So if the location you have in mind for a session takes a bit of a hike, you've piqued my interest! 

Performer - The performing arts make me feel alive and I adore the communities it creates. I began dance and piano lessons at a young age and often would write, produce, direct, and perform shows alongside my younger siblings (who would participate under some portion of their own choice/blackmail). A performing arts group gave me the opportunity to travel around much of the USA, Canada, and Great Britain. Over two trips in my teens I was on the road for 5 months and performed over 130 concerts.  I've been performing for about 8 years in Central Oregon musical theatre and fortifying my passions with vocal, dance, and acting classes. So don't be surprised when your photographer suddenly does a pirouette camera-in-hand or begins harmonizing with "Uptown Funk". It's just what I do.