Wedding in Shevlin Park {Lexi & Brendan}

Shevlin Park glowed slightly golden on Lexi and Brendan's wedding day. Aspen Hall hummed with chatter as friends and family arrived. On top of the chatter were high pitch squeals of excitement coming from groups of middle school girls. Lexi is their youth leader and they couldn't wait to see her get married! It was heartwarming to see how much they love Lexi and Brendan together.

After their ceremony I whisked these two away from some dreamy portraits as husband and wife. It's always one of my favorite portions of a wedding day because it gives time for couples to breathe a bit and take in the events so far.

Brendan and Lexi, I'm honored to have met you both and witnessed your wedding! Thank you for trusting me to capture your relationship, your photos continue to make me smile as I'm editing. Enjoy this little peek at your upcoming gallery!

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