Tumalo Falls Engagement Session {Katie & Brandon}

I cannot speak highly enough of this amazing couple! They stood on the edge of a drop off and fought off hordes of mosquitoes to create these engagement photos with me! And they looked way more stunning than I did while doing it, that is for sure!

I had the easy job of tromping around Tumalo Falls in jeans and boots. But Brandon and Katie made their way through multiple location changes dressed to the nines! Pretty sure Katie deserves a medal for doing the drop off portion in heels.

Every second of their engagement session made me more and more excited for their sure to be GORGEOUS wedding next year in June! We will be at Dee Bar Farms and the photos are guaranteed to be amazing with such a lovely location and couple.

Katie and Brandon, thank you for braving the army of bloodstuckers with me to get photos! I am simply giddy to see you both again next year for your wedding! And who knows, maybe we will run across each other a little sooner than that? Central Oregon is a small world. Have an incredible year of being fiances! The best is yet to come.