Sunrise Maternity Session at Tumalo State Park {Aly & Patrick}

Aly and Patrick are preparing to have their first child, a baby girl! And me, myself, and my frozen fingers just couldn't get over the little sparkly shoes they brought! In rose gold! Be still my sparkly rose gold loving heart.

The brisk early morning colors at Tumalo State Park really helped set the mood for this maternity session. The first rays of sunlight cover everything with a soft golden glow. This was my first sunrise session ever! Mainly because I am the poster-child for a night owl. Waking before the sun is "awake" just seems wrong. But my husband and I have been working on retraining ourselves to get more out of the day. And I have to say, after this session (which ended at 7am) I got SO MUCH DONE! Grocery shopping, the gym, filled the car, showered, and prepped for my waterfall styled session all before 10am! I'm normally a barely functional person at 10am so I was really excited.

Aly and Patrick, as a mom of two daughters I have to warn you, there is a lot of glitter in your future. Have a good vacuum and lint rollers. Our last ballet recital was in June and I'm still vacuuming glitter out of the couch.

But even more than glitter, you have a lot of smiles and joy in your future. And that baby girl of yours is so blessed to have two parents who look at each other the way you do.