Sunny Wedding at The RiverHouse {Sylvia & Jerry}

The air in the reception hall was filled with all the encouragement and love in the world toward Sylvia, Jerry, and their children. A new family and a new beginning. Each family member and friend that held the microphone had beautiful things to say and there was a theme! #1 They believe God brought Jerry and Sylvia together. #2 Evidently Jerry is kind of crazy and Sylvia is in for a ride :)

My favorite toast came from one of Jerry's daughters. A few tears formed in her eyes as Quinn held the microphone and spoke words of love about her newly formed family. Arms of support surrounded her as she attempted to convey just how much this marriage meant to her. The warmth in Quinn's voice and look said and meant even more than she could speak, and everyone in the room felt it. I doubt there was a dry in the room. I was desperately wiping away tears while attempting to see through my camera.

July 7th had many highlights like above. Special touches from friends and family designed to make Jerry and Sylvia's big day even bigger. While I was with the groom's party, the men presented Jerry with a shadow box filled with golfing gear from Jerry's dad who had passed away. The photos speak for themselves. Friends like that are worth their weight in gold.

Also, look at that awesome car Jerry put together!

Their intimate ceremony was held in the garden of the Riverhouse. Pots and Petals outdid herself on the gorgeous flower arrangements cascading around the venue. But the most beautiful sight was Jerry and Sylvia's first kiss sealing their vows as husband and wife. True love is a precious gift.

Sylvia and Jerry, thank you so much for letting me step into your most cherished moments to capture your love for each other and your families. I felt very honored to witness your marriage. May God bless every moment of your adventures together!