Smoky Sparks Lake Engagement Session {Lydia & Marcus}

I'm pretty sure I could name this session "Smoke on the Water"...which just makes me happy.

It's a little concerning when pulling into the Sparks Lake parking lot for an engagement session and the spectacular mountain views...aren't there. Everything was covered in a thick layer of haze and smoke from the nearby fires. This is something that happens quite often in Central Oregon summers but it's never really looked forward to. But I might actually get excited about it from now on because THE SKY!

I've been playing around with ways to bring back the sky and mountains in my editing. We have so many gorgeous sunsets in Oregon, but it's difficult to photograph them while keeping my light and dreamy style. But after hours upon hours of playing around with editing settings....I've got it down! And you'll get to see lots of the proof in these photos.

This awesome couple is tying the knot on September 23rd of this year! We had so much fun during the engagement session that I just know their wedding is going to be a highlight of my month. I never ever get tired of watching two people stare into each other's eyes with tenderness and passion. It's one of the best parts of humanity.

Lydia and Marcus, you two were such good sports about the smoke and trusting me to make your photos something special. I hope you enjoy this peek at what your full gallery will look like! It's one of my favorites of the year!