Smith Rock Maternity Session {Anna & Austin}

Baby shoes in focus with parents kissing behind at Smith Rock

This Smith Rock maternity session is so special to me because I had the honor of capturing this beautiful couple’s wedding photos last year! Anna and Austin got married during a lovely autumn day in October, and now the next big adventure in their lives is quickly approaching!

Anna and Austin, I know many people will likely give opinions when it comes to the choices you make for this little one. Some will be helpful...many won’t be.

Here’s my 2 cents:

#1 Keep a mini fridge in your bedroom during the first couple of months. Midnight snacks keep your sanity alive.

#2 Pre-set date nights. Don’t wait for them to happen, make them happen.

#3 Say yes to help. When people say, “it takes a village” they aren’t joking!

#4 Comparison is your enemy. Someone is going to post on Facebook how amazing being a parent is when you feel like your failing. You’ve got this!!!

You are already amazing parents with the love you have toward Rowen. I cannot wait to see you the joy in your eyes as you hold your little one in your arms!