Shevlin Park Overlook Maternity Session {Angelina and Matt}

As I set out for this maternity session I was headed in the direction of Sparks Lake, not Shevlin Park. Smoky clouds were brooding over the mountains and it was an incredible view from my starting point in Bend. But as I passed the turn off for Mount Bachelor I drove into a WALL of smoke. So much smoke that the regular gigantic presence of Mount Bachelor to my left was completely invisible!

Then, I looked at my car's outside thermometer reading as the temp began to plummet. I mean seriously nosedive! It wasn't a particularly warm day to start with and it went from 65 to 40 in a matter of minutes. I had never seen anything like it!

And as if things couldn't get any crazier for a started drizzling. I might have been screaming "WHY?!?!?" from the driver's seat lol.

Unfortunately, gorgeous, mountain studded Sparks Lake was a big blob of smoke and clouds when we all arrived. So Angelina, Matt, and I made a quick decision to hightail it all the way back to Bend. Almost 40 minutes away!

It was worth it! Looks at those clouds!!! We raced against the sunset and won. The sun was low when we started but in 20 minutes we had a full session in!

Angelina and Matt, thank you so much for being up for adventure and last minute decisions. You are on a good path for parenthood already ;) I hope you enjoy this little peek at your photos!