Pioneer Park Portrait Session {Smith Family}|

If you've been following my photography for a while I'm sure you will recognize this family. Aren't they cute?! The Smiths are going to be a family of 6 in just a few short months! Maybe not short to Shannon...but their newest little boy will be here in the blink of an eye on my timeline.

Shannon has been one of my best friends for 10 years! I was in her wedding, she was in mine. My husband and Jordan have worked together for 6...7 years? I can't remember. A long time. And I've held every single one of those kiddos in the hospital hours after they were born. There are very few families I am this connected with, and I'm always beyond excited to create moments they can look back on.

A few years ago I began taking the Smith's family photos. I didn't even know that I would go into professional photography at that point! I just owned a fairly nice camera and had community college photography credits. So it's really fun for me to look back on the very first paid family shoot I ever did and see how everyone has gown...including me. I'll put a photo from that shoot at the very end of the photos :)

Shannon and Jordan, you guys are fantastic and I love you so much! I adore that our kids are best friends and I can't wait to meet your newest kiddo! I'm already looking forward to having all 6 of you in front of my lens again.