Perryhill Farm Wedding {Melodie & Mathew}

Soft light, stormy clouds, apples, grapes, family and friends. A perfect wedding day. It even sprinkled an ever so tiny amount during the ceremony, which I think totally counts on the good luck end!

What a fun group of people to spend the day with! Melodie and Matt are absolutely the perfect couple and their personalities shine when they are together. And by being around their bridesmaids and groomsmen I feel like I got to know them even better. You can tell a lot about someone from their wedding party! I saw how much Matt's groomsmen respect him. And how much Melodie's bridesmaids adore her strength.

Micah and I shot the Paasch wedding together, and it's no secret that I LOVE shooting weddings with my sweetheart by my side. The day took an unexpected turn when Micah twisted his ankle right after we finished photographing details. Dang dress shoes. But the wedding must go on! We felt so cared for as the bride and groom's family members took the time to make sure Micah was okay and get him set with ice. And thanks to that care at the beginning he was able to cover the day next to me with no issues! Yay! So thank you everyone who took time to help him! You are rockstars!

Matt and Melodie, thank you so much for entrusting Micah and I to capture your most special day. We had a crazy amount of fun with you two and enjoyed every minute of the wedding festivities! I really can't wait for you to see all of your photos (they have been so fun to edit), but for now I hope you enjoy these sneak peeks and have fun remembering.