Painted Hills Couples Session {Natalie and Josh}

I am head over heels about this session and this fantastic couple! It took a decent amount of driving. And hearing one pun after another between Josh and my husband. Those two in the same car for 2 hours...I'm surprised Natalie and I survived, or maybe that they survived Natalie and I lol. But it was worth it!

We couldn't have picked a better day to drive out to the Painted Hills! I had never been there before and felt like I just couldn't call myself an Oregon photographer until I had. Thankfully when I have the bug to adventure somewhere I also have gorgeous friends to rope into modeling for me!

Natalie and Josh are both crazy talented actors and a hilarious couple to be around. Natalie and I met while in rehearsals for Beauty and the Beast. I looked over at her during auditions and seriously thought, "I want to be her friend, I think we'd get along." Wouldn't it be nice if Kindergarten friend rules still applied and we could just walk up and say, "Hi, I'm Alicia! I'd like to be your friend!" And then just run off as besties? Even though it took a little bit to fully enter friends status, I am forever thankful that she is in my life.

When Natalie started dating Josh we had a conversation about how our men needed to meet and become friends as well. (Because sometimes the girls just know that two personalities are going to mesh.) And low and behold our guys are incredible dangerous together (in a good way?)

Josh and Natalie, thank you for adventuring into the Oregon wilderness with us! Micah and I had so much fun having you stand on cliffs, climb hills in heels (just Natalie, Josh wasn't wearing heels), shooting till dark, and swerving to miss a downed COW in the middle of the road. Life is never boring around you two!