Old Mill Maternity Session {Craig & Lauren}

The great thing about being a photographer is that I often get to have friends in front of my lens (and if they aren't friends yet they will be soon!) The night of Lauren and Craig's maternity session we started things out right by having dinner at Immersion Brewing. An evening just cannot go wrong after nachos, burgers, salad and beer (and a really good lemonade for Lauren and baby).

Craig, Lauren, Micah, and I have been getting together on Tuesday nights for way over year. I would give you a more exact time length except no one in our group seems to be able to completely nail down when our Tuesday night tradition began. We've tried many, many times to figure it out...but to no avail. Oh well! It doesn't really matter when it started, it matters that it's still going strong!

Just this week this incredible couple came to our house while Micah and I were in rehearsal for the Mulan ballet. They watched our kiddos and made dinner too! It was so amazing to come home completely exhausted and have everything already in good hands. Best friends are worth their weight in gold. I really don't know what I'd do without them.

The littlest Deming is due to make his appearance in August and my Auntie heart is SO EXCITED! Thank you so much Lauren for having a baby so I can keep my crazy hormones at bay lol! I cannot wait to snuggle their bundle of joy! Maybe, if I'm lucky, he will actually be snugly unlike my two daughters who want nothing to do with cuddles.

This babe is being born into a family that loves him so dearly already. And into a world that needs more people who have grown up in a supportive community. I am honored to be part of the village that will raise this little!

Okay, happy Auntie heart rambling done. Enjoy the cutest maternity pictures!