Dillon Falls Engagement Session {Courtney & Luke}

Rushing blue water, a meadow of soft pastels, and two people passionately in love made this session a wonderful success!

I arrived at Dillon Falls about an hour before Courtney and Luke's session was to start because I had never been to the location before and wanted to poke around. Everywhere I went was somehow better than the last! I began by walking around the breathtaking meadow that had the brightest sun beams streaming through the tall grass. Then followed the quiet Deschutes river past walls of pitch black lava rock with bright green little plants growing on the sides. Finally coming upon the crazy white water of Dillon Falls and the cool mist that caught the light as it floated in the air. This location is pure magic.

Once Luke and Courtney pulled up I was already giddy with excitement to get them in front of my lens! But when I saw how perfectly they had followed the style guide, dressed to the nines, I think I just about fainted. Artistic happiness overload. There was a lot of squealing on my part...they can back me up on that. And it was for good reason! They joined in on my excitement as soon as I turned around the camera for them to see what was being created!

I adored watching how easily Luke makes Courtney laugh! Both of them have a playful spirit and gentle kindness with each other. They are so blessed to be walking into a marriage with those attributes already in place.

Courtney and Luke, thank you so much for allowing me to boss you around at the top of my lungs over raging water to get your engagement photos! It was a beautiful adventure! I cannot wait for your wedding in August! It's going to be so much FUN!