Dancing around Sparks Lake {Mary Hildebrandt}

This amazing woman has been in front of my camera twice now and I couldn't be happier about it! Last year we met up during a crazy smoky day to take some fun portraits. So many people only have professional portraits done when they are graduating, engaged, married, pregnant, or have a family. But what about when you are a fantastic single adult? You still deserve to have that time in your life captured! And now Mary has two sessions of her fantastic single (for now) adult self to look back on and reminisce about in the future.

Mary is an incredible friend and one of the biggest cheerleaders for my photography business. Everyone needs a friend like her. This woman has passion to spare, a kind spirit, and I swear has a force field that blocks drama. Even when we have deep intense conversations I still come away with nothing but joy.

So now that I've talked her up, you get to see this beautiful soul in action. She laughed, ran, smirked, swatted mosquitoes, and danced her heart out during this session. I'm over the moon with how these moments turned out!

Ps. If you get all the way to the bottom I'll show you what last year's session looked like! Oh how a photographer can grow in a year! :)

Alight...I promised to show last year's, so here are a few! Never be afraid to appreciate how far you've grown!