Couples Session at Tumalo State Park {Jayana and Steven}

I edited this session to the soothing tunes of Jurassic Park.

I'm totally serious.

After each session I come home and stick the memory card in my computer to begin sorting. But before I really start working I turn on some music that I feel fits the session. And this time around it was so clearly Jurassic Park.

Why? Because it's Steve and Jayana. That's why. The couple that requests "walking like a dinosaur" photos as part of their session gets to have epic culling and editing music! Plus, Steve looks like Chris Pratt. You see it right?! I think I'm going to tag Chris on Instagram just to see if he agrees. Maybe he needs a stunt double?

This session was so adorable and absolutely hilarious! I had a hard time shooting at points because I was desperately trying to catch my breath in-between laughs. You know, the kind where you stop making noise and your nose scrunches? It's the best! Two people who make each other (and their photographer) laugh are totally awesome in my book. But Jayana and Steve also know how to rock the quiet moments as well. I feel like certain photos show how intertwined two souls are, and this couple is tight.

Steve and Jayana, I had such a wonderful time with you and hope to have you in front of my camera again soon! Your relationship is beautiful. You both care deeply for each other and I am so glad I got to portray that love. Enjoy your peek at my favorites as you wait (ever so patiently) for your full gallery!