Church Wedding in Redmond, OR {Lydia & Marcus}

Marcus and Lydia vowed to care for each other and stay side by side through all of life's ups and downs. That kind of love deserves to be celebrated! I am so glad that weddings exist and are a large part of our culture. Two people making a selfless promise in a selfish world is worth taking the time to acknowledge and honor.

The wedding venue was gorgeously decorated with handmade purple paper flowers, and my heart was super happy to see Marcus and Lydia's engagement photos displayed on every table. Lydia's sequin dress and sparkly shoes made little dancing reflections on the wall during the ceremony! And there were street tacos for dinner that were to die for! OMG. And if all of that doesn't convince you that this wedding was amazing, at the very end I got to take the couple to a park for sunset portraits....and the light was freaking fantastic!!! *Alicia swoons from light happiness*

Lydia and Marcus, you two make me smile so much with your friendship and love. I hope that you had a blast on your honeymoon! Thank you so much for letting me capture your special day. I hope your enjoy this sneak peek while you wait for your gallery :)