Belknap Hotsprings Anniversary Session {Eric and Jade}

It's been quite the year since these two got married last April! They have traveled to Mexico and Hawaii, moved into their own place, Eric is working on creating EDM, and Jade has been promoted at work! Good haul for a first year together :)

I have also had quite a big year since Eric and Jade got married. When I photographed their wedding in 2017 my business was just getting off the ground. Back then I could have never imagined the things that I am doing just a year later! Booked wedding seasons and plenty of portrait sessions are keeping me constantly on my toes (which is why I soak my feet a lot).

At the very end of their photos from this session I will post a few of my favorites from their wedding. Sometimes it's terrifying as an artist to post old work. But I love looking at how things have grown!

Our time at Belknap Hotsprings was so relaxing. Just the way a hotsprings trip should be! We explored around the lush forest and stopped to take photos anytime I spotted gorgeous light. Props to Micah for being the pack mule and carrying all the equipment during our exploration!

Jade and Eric, we need to do dinner and hotsprings soaking again really soon! You two are always wonderful to spend time around. Congrats on year 1 and cheers to year 2!

And now for some from last year!