Sawyer Park Engagement Session {Jessica & Kyle}

Thank goodness for lovely weather beginning to come around again! Jessica and Kyle got a lucky break for their engagement session in Sawyer Park last week. Can't you just see the beautiful warm sunbeams surrounding them!?

This session had been a long time coming. The snow had posed a road block...quite literally, to our plans. But FINALLY I got to meet this lovely couple in person! And I really had the best afternoon getting to capture their love for each other.

First, I have to point out just how amazingly they dressed for their session!!! Way to put your best foot forward guys! Their is no substitute in engagement photos for a well dress couple. The location can be stunning and the people completely head over heels, but a fashionable outfit pulls it all together. Ps. I think I need to find a teal dress like Jessica's because I adore it!

The little nuances of Kyle and Jessica's relationship is really something that stuck out to me. Their connection wasn't displayed through words but rather through the glances, a touch on the hand, and the quiet moments. I've learned to pay a lot of attention to body language since becoming a photographer. And the body language between this couple is clear, they always want to be near each other.

Jessica and Kyle, I am so very excited to be with you on your special day in September when you promise to be with each other forever and always. I am honored to have a part in capturing your story! Good luck with all of your wedding preparations and getting the farm ready! I cannot wait to see all you create!