Romantic Central Oregon Portraits {Rebekah & Nathan}

Nathan and Rebekah's sunset session in Shevlin Park had me jumping up and and down from behind my camera! If you have done a shoot with me before you know exactly what that moment looks like, squealing and all!

Each session is different and I never know when the point of perfection will happen, but promise me, it happens. In Rebekah and Nathan's case, the perfect moment was the entire session. Seriously! Their style was on point, the light was golden, and they are madly in love. We probably took enough pictures for a whole album within 15 minutes. But when you have a good thing going, don't stop!

Even though I had never met Rebekah before our session, I knew I wanted to be her friend. We had been chatting over Facebook for a month or so and her beautiful kind heart and personality was very apparent. Don't you love meeting an adult you naturally click with?

As I was with Nathan and Rebekah it was so obvious to me how much they care for each other. Their session was gorgeously marked by careful consideration of each other's comfort (it was cold), gentle touches, laughter, and quiet moments. I smiled all the way through editing their photos. How could I not!? I never tire of being in the presence of love.