Snowy Bend, OR Engagement Session {Sarah & John}

Holy cow. Winter has come back with some force these last few weeks! I actually had to move two engagement sessions that were scheduled on the other side of the mountains because the pass was unsafe. But the snow worked out really well for John and Sarah's engagement photos!

The type of snow we had during this session belonged in a fairytale. FAIRYTALE SNOW!!! It was perfect.

Sarah and John are two of the sweetest people you will ever meet and I am blessed to call them friends. I finally got to hear their love story during our coffee consult and seriously, it's the freaking cutest! They found out about each other online but once they met sparks flew! After a multi-day date in Central Oregon and a missed movie because they just sat in the car talking, John asked Sarah to be "his girl." How adorable is that!? John also told me that he wanted to really get to stand out from the crowd during those first few dates, so he asked about Sarah's love languages. Funny enough, my husband did the same thing when we first began dating. Great minds think alike, John :)

Oh! I also need to share about the proposal! Especially because I actually got to witness it! I was at a Cocktail Cabaret, which is a vocal performance show that a lot of my theatre friends participate in. At the very end of the show the host introduced John as a surprise performer!

Now, as a wedding photographer, I can spot a man who is about to cry from a mile away. I see them all the time at the end of an aisle. So when John took the stage all my "something is about to happen" bells went off. I pulled out my phone and gave the friend next to me a little wink. "Just wait for it...", I said. And then, TA DA!, near the end of the song John stopped and called up Sarah! I squealed, and cried, and clapped as he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. Obviously she said YES.

John and Sarah, I am beyond thrilled about how these photos turned out! You both made the experience of freezing in the cold VERY worth it. I cannot wait to spend your special day with you and capture every moment. Only 85 days till you are husband and wife!