Promo photo shoot for Terpsichornean's Mulan ballet

It's not everyday that I get to photograph a ballerina in a greenhouse with a personalized styling team! Though I definitely wouldn't mind making it an everyday thing!

Denali (Mulan) and the styling team, Amy and Daisy, were so fun to brainstorm and create with. The details of this shoot were incredible! The vibrancy of the greens in Moonfire and Sun's greenhouse were the perfect backdrop for Mulan's Chinese setting. The browns and dark greens of winter in Central Oregon just wouldn't cut it for these photos. And just look at the detail in the makeup, hair, earrings, and props! A photographers dream.

My husband and I are going to be in the ballet in June along with Denali, Daisy, and Amy! And Micah (my husband) will be playing the part of Mulan's father. He is SUPER excited! It's always fun to be able to mix my job with my hobbies.

If you are in Central Oregon make sure to get your tickets for Terpsichorean Dance Studio's end of the year performance in June! And then come find me and say hi!