Sweet Little Family Session {Brynessa}

Precious kisses and hugs were the theme of this family's time in front of my camera! So much cuteness! And they were troopers too because it was not warm when we shot these. Not. At. All.

Oregonians are known for not using umbrellas. Our signature move is to put our hood up, head down, and hunch our shoulders against the rain. Central Oregonians do that with the cold. Sometimes the weather just doesn't cooperate and you decide it will not win this time!

That being said...I am seriously loving how warm it has been the last few days! It was 70 degrees yesterday! 70!!! In the middle of February. I am almost missing the snow. But not quite.

Anyway, Brynessa's family didn't get the luxury of 70 degree weather but adorableness abounded in spite of it all. Her two girls are the sweetest and the love among all of them is so obvious.

Brynessa has been my go-to hair stylist for a couple of years now. We met while she was the hair designer for a show I was in. It is amazing how much you get to know someone when they do your hair! Especially my hair since my appointments run around 3 hours. (I have crazy thick hair that does not like to obey anyone.) Brynessa is a strong beautiful woman who is always amazing me with her drive and dedication to serve her daughter's and create a wonderful life for them. She is going to school right now in pursuit of a business degree and I really don't know how she does it all. But she is rocking it!

I cherish the time I got to spend with these three. And I am really looking forward to my next hair appointment! (There might be some blonde in my future!)