Shevlin Park Sunset Engagement Session - Bend OR

Shelvin Park Sunset Engagement Session - Photographed by Alicia Wood Photography

A perk of my job is that I get to constantly surround myself with people who are infectiously joyful. The type of people who make you smile every time you look at them. That infectious joy is overflowing in Cassy and Baltimore! They are such a sweet couple and I caught them constantly doing adorable gestures to each other during our session. Baltimore would whisper in Cassy's ear and she would erupt in laughter! Cassy would cuddle into Baltimore and he would close his eyes to take in the moment. Seriously. So. Sweet!

Our session in Shevlin Park turned out absolutely gorgeous! The sunset specifically was to die for! My photographer's heart skipped a beat when the sun dipped behind the mountains and the sky lit up! I even broke the mold a bit and edited the last few photos a little darker than I normally do, because the sky HAD TO stand out. It had to. You'll see what I mean at the end of the photos.

And now my little note to Baltimore and Cassy :) I had so much fun with both of you during our time together! You are a beautiful couple and so perfect together. I wish you both the best during your engagement time and a very happy and strong marriage in your future. Have SO MUCH FUN at your wedding in Australia!!! (And if you suddenly decide to fly a photographer over....I happen to know one who would love to go lol!)