Josie Stevens Senior Session

This gorgeous lady has been in my life for over 10 years now! I am so honored that I got to capture this special moment in her life.

Josie's joy is infectious. Don't you love coming in contact with someone who spreads joy? It makes your whole day better just from a few minutes of interaction.

Our session in Shevlin Park started off with me attempting to steal my clients gloves from a mini session a few minutes before. It was completely by accident of course! But I felt so bad lol! Being a photographer in Oregon during the winter comes at the risk of freezing your fingers off! My lovely clients before Josie had lent me their gloves (because mine had gotten water on them and frozen). My fingers were just so warm and cozy when they were leaving that I had to be reminded to return them. Whoops.

I promise if you do a session with me I will (to the best of my abilities) remember to return your gloves. Cross my heart. Or, better yet, just wear my own and not get water on them.

Anyway! You might have already figured out that it was very cold for Josie's session. Hence my glove stealing ways. But this girl totally rocked every part of her session! She is a ballet dancer and I love working with dancers because they are so confident in their body movements. I almost don't have to pose because every time a dancer moves, it's perfect! (Though her high heeled boots might have made the spinning a little difficult.)

Josie, I hope that your final year in high school is motivating and inspiring to those around you. You are a beautiful light to everyone you come in contact with. I cannot wait to see where life takes you in the future!