Douglas & Joni's Wedding in the Woods

He got that look. The look that a man in love gets as his bride begins walking down the aisle. Just in front of her was one of their sons holding a sign that said, "Daddy, here comes Mamma." As everyone stood to watch the bride, I did what I always do, I faced the groom to capture his reaction to the moment. Doug did not disappoint in the slightest. A myriad of emotions flooded through his eyes and he smiled ear to ear. Joni reached him and the moment was complete.

There was so much love and support present at Joni and Doug's wedding. The are many beautiful parts of a wedding day but what makes it truly special are the people. Among the many hugs, jokes, toasts, and tears I saw from an outsider's perspective just how many people love this couple and their boys. No one could ask for more.

Doug and Joni, I was blessed beyond measure to be present at your wedding and to capture all the love that was there. You two are an amazing couple and an amazing family! Congradulations on your marriage! I cannot wait to work with all of you again!