Prickett Family Sunset Session

Light was streaming through the tall trees in the middle of the grassy field. My heart jumped with excitement as I found the perfect spot to photograph in! Fall sessions have the most gorgeous light and the Prickett family got to soak it all in at Pine Nursery Park.

The excitement that everyone had as they got out of the car was bubbling! 6 year old Rowen ran up to me with a big smile and showed me her special toy, Pumpkin the cat, that she had brought with her. The two of us skipped all the way to the field! I adore this kid! She and I took some fun photos with Pumpkin and did some spinning while Aria and Mark worked to get little Trip out of his car seat where he was napping.

The love between everyone in the Prickett family was so apparent during their session and it shines through in their photos! Real smiles were never something I had to ask for because their joyful smiles were constant. Trip giggled as his dad zoomed him up in the air. Aria and Mark quietly grinned as they nuzzled. Rowen crinkled her nose with every laugh. Smiles were not in short supply.

Mark and Aria, the quick 30 minutes I had the pleasure of spending with your family was a highlight of my day. You all are infectiously joyful! Thank you so much for entrusting me with capturing this time in your lives!

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