Austin & Anna's Autumn Engagement Session

If you know Anna and Austin, you are a blessed person! I have only begun getting to know them and I adore their personalities and their love for each other! I was showing my husband the gallery I sent to them yesterday and he made the comment, "Austin looks at Anna the way I look at you." And it's true! You know what that means? Deep, passionate, never-ending love. I didn't have any issues getting Austin to gaze at Anna for minute on end as I switched up posing. I didn't have any issues getting Anna to cuddle into Austin over and over again. This couple is solid!

The session in Shevlin Park went beautifully. And I'm so stoked that Anna and Austin let me try out a new location up above the park! The grassy field and mountain view has created a new favorite spot for me (feel free to request it!) Autumn light and coloring brings a whole new dreamy feel to sessions. Everything looks amazing covered in golden light!

This couple has just under a year till their wedding, and I cannot wait to get them behind my camera again! They are so perfect together and their wedding is going to be perfect too!

Anna and Austin, congratulations on your engagement and I hope this coming year bonds you even closer together. Next October is going to be amazing!!!

#engagement #shevlinpark