Mary's Magical Portrait Session

As a photographer, I make art with light. Seriously. No light, no photo. So when I get to a spot and I yell, "Oh my gosh! That light!", you know it's gonna be a good hour! That's what happened when Mary and I went out to Shevlin Park. If you have been reading these blogs for a while you might start to recognize that park name. It continually surprises me with new and beautiful locations for sessions! I'm taking my maternity clients there on Sunday in fact! There's bridges, a river, moody forest, winding paths, sandy hills, grassy fields, and lots of glowy light! A photographer's dream.

This day in Shevlin Park was special because there was smoke pouring in from a nearby (but not too nearby) fire. Fires are one of those things that no one likes but we appreciate the beauty it can create while it's around. The smoke turned the forest into magic. That's the best way I know how to put it. The light streamed through the smoke, hazed the background, and made Mary glow (literally).

Mary is a gorgeous dancer and a dear friend of mine. I barely had to pose this woman because she is so good at it already! We had a ton of fun and I was sad when the light began to leave marking the end of our time. Her photos are some of my favorites yet!

#seniors #shevlinpark