Jacob & Jennifer's 2-day Wedding

Can I just say, family weddings are the best! They just are. Those are the days that I get to take photos of people who will always be in my life and then eat cake, dance, and cry a little bit while giving a toast. It's the best!

Jennifer is my sister-in-law and I remember talking with her a little bit after my wedding about her dreams of finding the perfect guy. As the single mom of Roman (my nephew), the requirements for the perfect guy for Jen were pretty extensive. And then Jacob came back into her life. The special thing about Jacob is, he is Roman's dad! Over the course of a year I had the honor to watch a family be brought back together. (I'm trying really hard not to cry on my keyboard.) Jennifer and Jacob's love story is inspirational and I cannot wait to see how they continue to grow together in marriage.

Their wedding was absolutely goregous and full of fun! So full of fun that it took 2 days to do all the celebrating! One day for the wedding and one for the reception. Their wedding was held in a downtown Catholic Church in Bend, Oregon. I really enjoyed the heart warming traditions that focus on the combining of families. The reception was held at Aspen Hall in Shevlin Park and all of the big windows and natural light were a photographer's dream! (Really guys, good job on your location!)

I am so proud of my sister and new brother, and so blessed that I had the opportunity to capture some of their important moments last weekend!