Eric & Jade - Engagement

My brother got engaged! Eric and Jade dated for a little over a year before he popped the question. The proposal was SO cute! And I was really happy because I got to help surprise her. Eric and Jade were planning to meet my husband and I at a nice restaurant for a Christmas double date downtown. About a week before, my brother asked me to get a group of theatre friends together and "carol" downtown and then switch into "Come What May" from Moulin Rouge (one of Jade's favorite movies). So the night of, Eric and Jade walked downtown to meet my husband and I. They stopped at a "random" group of carolers who just happened to start singing "Come What May". Jade was really confused. "Come What May" is not a Christmas song. At that point Eric got down on one knee and proposed to her! It was incredibly sweet.

Fast forward 2 months and it was engagement photo time! I am so glad I got to take gorgeous photos of these two love birds.

Just like the last engagement shoot I did...IT WAS FREEZING! I am lucky my fingers are still attached. Seriously. But when you live in Bend, Oregon there is no way anyone is going to take photos indoors at anytime of the year. It is way too pretty outside around here.

Eric and Jade are natural models and they were so much fun to work with! I am excited to photograph their wedding at the end of April!

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