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Meet  Alicia

Alicia's Favorite Things

Half sweet decaf lattes - musical theatre - lemon butter scallops - rompers - warm blankets - stranger things - pinot Noir - thunderstorms - karaoke - Roller coasters - Puerto vallarta - spicy tuna rolls - baths - Dancing

Photography FAQ

I have been a professional photographer since 2016.

I take up to 20 weddings per year.

My second shooter is my husband! Micah is fantastic at capturing a shot from new perspectives.

Micah and I have gone through extensive and ongoing shooting/editing/posing training. 


I have developed my photography style around natural light because I believe it beautifully captures emotion, flatters all skin tones and stands timeless. 

Fun Facts

I have 6 different types of dance shoes and currently study ballet and tap.

I'm Alicia, an Oregon based photographer specializing in weddings and elopements. 

I love being around people! I get fueled from deep conversation. 

I'm passionate about the performing arts and the stories that get told through theatre. 

Art creates connection between people. It gives us a way to share our feelings and experiences. 

Photography lets me tell other people's stories and capture the emotion that goes with them.

I thrive when dancing, singing, and acting. 

My goal is to create a wedding day experience that is fun and low stress. I don't want to memories to just look good I want them to BE good! 

I adore to-do lists and organization. Having a solid plan is important for any event. But as an actor I also understand how quickly the best laid plans go astray! And you know what, the show must go on! Sometimes you have to improvize and be flexible. 

Communication is key. Being married for 8 years has taught me this concept very well. Throughout the time leading up to your wedding I check in to see how things are going, chat about any questions, and make sure we are on the same page. 

As if I didn't have enough to fill my time with I also have a passion for cooking and exploring the world of food. It's another form of art that I'm obsessed with. There are few restaurants in my city I haven't tried, so if you need a recommendation, just ask! You can also see what I'm craving currently by checking out my Pinterest.